Will there be seams in your blinds?

Many people are concerned about the fact that there will be joins in their blinds.

The fact is that any blind over 1460 mm wide will have a single vertical seam and any blind over 2820 mm will have 2 vertical seams this is due to the fact that the best plastic imported from Japan comes in 1470 mm wide rolls.

There for seams are unavoidable. At Mikes Café Blinds we use high frequency PVC welding to give the clearest strongest and smallest weld possible.

Yes We Can

  • Provide posts when required (normally a 50 mm x 50mm galvanized and powder coated post)
  • Fit to brick, timber and tiled areas
  • Fit to round and turned posts
  • Use cut outs in problem areas eg. Around gutters
  • Provide PVC in fills for problem areas
  • Do balustrade height blinds at a square meter price get around the issues of hand rales add zippered or Ziptrak doorway to your blinds
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