PVC Blinds


Mikes Cafe Blinds uses HVG Easislip PVC which is imported from Japan for use in Australian conditions. It is generally considered the best plastic in the world to use in outdoor blind systems.

It comes in various thicknesses but generally the 0.75mm and the 1mm thick PVC'S are the most commonly used.

UV treatment of the pvc means your blinds will look better for longer.

With care your blinds will remain clear and supple for the maximum expected time.

Clear is the most pvc used, however a range of tint colours exist from the grey tints to the bronze tints.

In most PVC blinds there will need to be welded seams. This is because most of the PVC imported from Japan comes in 1470mm wide rolls. The welds are vertical and very strong. We have never known one to separate.

Cleaning the blind is a fairly simple operation. Most diluted dishwashing detergents are suitable and there are also buffing agent that can bring your PVC blinds back to life.