Ziptrak Blinds

Now one of the most popular styles of outdoor pergola blind, this system has been around for over 10 years and has stood the test of time.

It has cornered the market for those looking for a strong, durable and easy to use system that looks great and provides the protection they require. Ziptrak blinds allow for uninterrupted vies with no ropes, straps or pulleys dangling in the way. When not in use the blinds retract neatly into pelmet boxes or up behind beams.

Because Ziptrak blinds operate on a top roller, the blinds can easily be motorized and operated by remote control allowing you to put your blinds up or down with ease. Ziptrak blinds span about 3.8 metres. Larger openings can be split by the use of powder coated posts (either permanent or fully removable)

Ziptrak blinds now have available a convenient "centre lock" release on request making them even easier to operate.


  • Powder coated guide tracks
  • Powder coated pelmets
  • Optional weather flap
  • Retractable spring loaded roller using Imex springs
  • Aluminium top rollers
  • Japanese plastic with high frequency welds as required
  • Tear stop reinforced bottom pockets

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Sunscreen Blinds


Most people associate pergola blinds with clear plastic which provides excellent protection from wind or rain but little protection from the sun and its uv rays.

By using a high quality mesh, you can get the best of both worlds. Mesh can provide you with all year round coverage from the elements and comes with a 5 year warranty.

Features include- a uv blackout of up to 94%

-openness factor of 5-7%
-openness factor of 5-7%
-wind and rain block in excess of 95%
-mesh comes in wide drops for less or no joins or seams
-is abrasion resistant and fire rated

Mesh is lightweight and the ideal for use in all outdoor blind systems. Some clients like to mix and match, installing pvc blinds in shaded area and installing mesh blinds in areas that are prone to that hot

Aussie late afternoon sun where the glare and heat prevent you from using your favourite outdoor area.

Mesh can also give you a degree of privacy, particularly in daylight hours by restricting the ability to see in but allowing you to see out to your outdoor views, backyard or swimming pool.

Tinted pvc will also provide you with some glare protection.


PVC Blinds


Mikes Cafe Blinds uses HVG Easislip PVC which is imported from Japan for use in Australian conditions. It is generally considered the best plastic in the world to use in outdoor blind systems.

It comes in various thicknesses but generally the 0.75mm and the 1mm thick PVC'S are the most commonly used.

UV treatment of the pvc means your blinds will look better for longer.

With care your blinds will remain clear and supple for the maximum expected time.

Clear is the most pvc used, however a range of tint colours exist from the grey tints to the bronze tints.

In most PVC blinds there will need to be welded seams. This is because most of the PVC imported from Japan comes in 1470mm wide rolls. The welds are vertical and very strong. We have never known one to separate.

Cleaning the blind is a fairly simple operation. Most diluted dishwashing detergents are suitable and there are also buffing agent that can bring your PVC blinds back to life.


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